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The Bowen Therapist at Bowen Therapy Strand


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About Marion Coetzee


I have always been interested in complementary health modalities. I decided to qualify as a Bowen Therapist after experiencing some remarkable results with Bowen in my family.



I was among the first to study the Bowen Technique in South Africa, studying under Dr. Jaimini Raniga, a very experienced Bowen Therapist and Medical Doctor, and qualified as Bowen Therapist (BTA) in 2004. Since then I have undertaken the following additional specialized Bowen courses:


          Specialized Bowen for back pain
          Bowen for the immobile and stroke management
          Bowen for sports injuries
          Bowen Advanced Course

I am also qualified in anatomy and physiology, and First Aid.



I am using Bowen Technique in preference to the other disciplines as it is the most effective, showing highly effective results within 3 - 4 sessions.

I have a special interest in the mind-body connection and the emotional component of illness. Bowen with its holistic approach works on the cause of the problem as well as the problem area, which is why it is so effective.

In over 6 years of practice, I have witnessed phenomenal healing and developed great respect for the uniqueness of each individual. I focus on healing rather than treating. It is my aim to help people to become pain-free and healthy that they can enjoy a good quality of life.

I am situated in the Strand and will gladly supply further information and advice about Bowen to anyone interested in seeking a different approach to well being.







A better approach to well-being

Teaching the body to heal itself



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