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Stroke Patients




Specific Information on the Treatment of Stroke Patients


How can Bowen improve stroke-related problems?

Bowen energises and activates the brain cells that lie around the damaged area of the brain. These brain cells can then compensate for the damaged brain cells.


The patient can choose to lie down or sit during treatment. Therefore treatments in wheelchairs are possible.


Bowen is totally painless, even in very sensitive areas. All the patient need do is sit and relax. It is not uncommon for patients to feel their bodies react to treatment. This can take on numerous forms but is usually experienced as a pleasant, tingling sensation during the 2-minute recess.




Fast, efficient and long lasting improvements can be expected with the following conditions:


Lack of Co-ordination

Slurring Speech

Half Sight Loss

One Sided Weakness

Lost Language Skills

Pain in all its forms

and more ....


Further Information on The Treatment of Specific Conditions

New born Babies and Infants

Toddlers and Children

Mothers, Pregancy and Childbirth

Sports Injuries

Stroke Related Conditions




A better approach to well-being

Teaching the body to heal itself



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