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Sport Injuries


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Specific Information on the Treatment of Sport Injuries


The Bowen Technique used to aid Healing of Sport Injuries

Bowen is a fast and efficient treatment for sport injuries in the following areas






      Lower back




The Bowen technique recognises that sport injuries often occur for reasons other than the specific situation that occurs on the playing field. The overall condition of the sportsman has a significant bearing on his resistance to and vulnerability to injury.

Without treating all other related factors as well, the real reason for the injury may not be addressed.


As a consequence, it had been shown that treatments with the Bowen technique produce long lasting improvements, not just short term fixes. However, best results will always be obtained if the treatment is administered as soon after the injury as possible. It will not interfere with any other first-aid treatments.


Bowen Therapists are taught a number of special procedures that are used on sport injuries. They also learn other procedures that aid recovery, such as ways to reduce swelling, special exercises, taping of injuries, prevention of future injuries etc.






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