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Mothers, Pregnancy and Childbirth


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pregnancy and childbirth babies and infants toddlers and children


Specific Information on the Treatment of Mothers,
and specifically for Pregnancy and Childbirth


Bowen Technique for Mothers

The gentle power of the Bowen Technique is a valuable aid to healing for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and their babies.


The Bowen Technique can assist greatly with general health care and comfort of women during pregnancy and after childbirth. It is one of the few therapies that can be performed while the mother-to-be or new-mother is sitting down. It is therefore relaxing and will produce quick results.


Treatment with the Bowen Technique will assist mothers and babies to maintain health and relaxation through the time before and after birth.


Many conditions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and the early years can be addresses with the Bowen Technique.

Some of these are:

Back Pain


Aching or swollen legs



Nausea / Dizziness



Decreased energy levels


Pelvic Pain & Problems

Coccyx problems after delivery

Lactation problems: engorgement, insufficient lactation


Shoulder Pain and Arm Pain from breastfeeding

Babies with colic or reflux problems respond very well

Re-alignment of Babies TMJ-joint after difficult birth

Asthma, Hay Fever, Ear Infection for children any age

All these conditions can be treated using the Bowen Technique.


While pregnancy can often create its own difficulties for a mother-to-be, it may also aggravate already-existing problems.

The spine and pelvis of an expectant mother are particularly vulnerable because of the changes in the stress on the spine as the baby develops and the centre of gravity changes. The result is backaches and other strains.

During the latter part of pregnancy, the spine and supporting musculoskeletal system, spine, pelvis, supporting muscles and ligaments, become more suppler. However, while this assists with accommodating the fast increasing size of the baby, this also makes the mother more vulnerable to injury after the birth.

Of course, childbirth itself adds even more stress to the musculoskeletal system, and once baby is born, nursing and feeding also take their toll.


All these conditions will be eased with suitable Bowen Technique treatments. Most procedures using the Bowen Technique can be performed right up to the time labour starts, and can be performed again within a few hours after birth. This will help to calm the mother to easy birthing, and help her to return to a calm and relaxed state after she has delivered.


While one is always hopeful for a peaceful transition for the baby from womb to birth, the experience may often be a stressful time for babies as well as mothers. Therapy using the Bowen Technique can ease this stress and speed the babies on to a rapid adjustment to their new environments. Because the Bowen Technique is both gentle and non-intrusive, it is possible to treat babies within a day or so of birth.

The Bowen Technique has shown excellent results with colic babies, it is also used to treat blue-babies. It can even be used to relax hyperactive children.

Misalignments in the spine due the stresses of birth may also be treated, and The Bowen Technique has proved to be very effective for controlling hiccups.

pregnancy and childbirth babies and infants toddlers and children

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