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Newborn Babies and Infants


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The Bowen Technique can be considered for children of any age, even newborn babies. The 2 minute rest periods are not necessary in baby and children treatments.


Specific Information on the Treatment of Newborn Babies and Infants

For babies, Bowen Technique offers a series of special Baby Bowen moves. These extremely gentle yet highly effective moves are made on the baby's back and front, without the usual 2 minute breaks.


Baby Bowen Therapy is an extremely effective way to rebalance the nervous system in babies.
This can make a huge difference to babies suffering from birth trauma, tense neck muscles, immature digestive systems and it works wonderfully with colic babies. The result is a calm, happy baby who will sleep well.


Baby Bowen addresses all the problems and potential causes of colic or discomfort in babies.
It is extremely effective at realigning the spine in the case of spinal trauma, relieving muscle tension and trapped nerves. It also aids the baby's digestive systems.


Baby Bowen is very effective at releasing any tension in the diaphragm, arguably the major contributing factor in colic as it is often the most tense part of the baby suffering from colic.
Bowen is extremely effective at relaxing the diaphragm, thereby preventing reflux, hiccups and aiding in the breathing and digestive process.


Baby Bowen acts to rebalance the nervous system in infants. In short, most unsettled babies have an over-active fight or flight response (sympathetic nervous system) that keeps them in a state of constant tension and anxiety.
By rebalancing both the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the nervous system they will feel the immediate effects of calmness and serenity.
They will also experience deeper and longer sleep.


Baby Bowen can be considered as a beneficial treatment to all causes of discomfort in a baby.
Examples are:

* Colic
* Restlessness
* Poor sleep habits
* Wry Neck / Stiff Neck
* Reflux
* Indigestion
* Wind & Gas
* Constipation
* Asthma


The baby can be held in the mother's arm or sit and play while being treated and will feel safe and comfortable at all times. Babies can have Bowen Therapy within a day of being born.



pregnancy and childbirth babies and infants toddlers and children

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