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TRE courses



About the courses

TRE is a revolutionary treatment for everyday stress and trauma. It provides a simple tool, that teaches the body how to turn off the stress response and feel calm, grounded and safe.

Benefits of TREŽ will bring youabout Bowen strip leftabout Bowen strip right

reduced anxiety worry and depression
inner calm
quiet mind
deep relaxation
restful sleep
better ability to cope with challenging situations
increased energy and focus
clearer thinking
relief from stress related pain


My 6 Week TRE Course, when and where

every Wednesday
in Strand, 12 Saxenburg Crescent
starting 20 April 2016
Time: 18.00 - 19.30
Cost: R1200


You will be guided and supervised by Level ll TRE Providers:
Marion Coetzee and Hanlie Cowie

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A better approach to well-being

Taking action to heal yourself



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